The most magically delicious ice cream cone has arrived at the Jersey Shore just in time for St. Paddy's Day!

Lucky Charms is one of my Top 3 favorite cereals of all-time. I can kill a box in a weekend, either dry right out of the box or topped with milk. And those little marshmallows are my weakness.

Also, I heart ice cream. Now, thanks to one local ice cream shop, I can combine my love for both.

Feast your eyes on The Lucky Churn. It's 'vanilla ice cream churned WITH Magic Clover Lucky Charms, and topped with Lucky Charm marshmallows, marshmallow drizzle, and a touch of leprechaun gold dust!'

You'll find it at Churn House in Ocean City, a cereal-infused ice cream bar. I'm not at all surprised given the insane concoctions they churn up on the regular.

But THIS is the 'over the rainbow' gift I've been dreaming of.

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And, for when that minty milkshake craving finally hits, you can indulge in Churn House's St. Patty's Mint Shake, made with mint-infused vanilla ice cream, Cocoa Pebbles, and Oreo O’s, all topped with whipped cream, mint Oreo’s, and jimmies!

**Bonus points to Churn House for not calling them 'sprinkles', lol.

These treats are a March MUST! Churn House is located at 33rd & Asbury Avenue in Ocean City.

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