Are you looking for a sweet treat after dinner tonight? During the summer months, there is truly nothing better than a huge ice cream cone or even a pint of store-bought ice cream on a hot summer’s day. We have been really struggling in our area when it comes to the heat and ice cream is always the perfect way to cool down.

When you show up to the grocery store and head for that freezer section to grab your favorite pint, what brand are you getting? Personally, I have to head straight for Ben and Jerry’s, but I am positive we are all biased toward one brand specifically.

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If you find yourself heading to the grocery store later to grab yourself and your family some ice cream, there’s one brand specifically that you may want to avoid altogether.

24/7 Wall St made a list of the worst ice cream brands in America and a brand you can find in the Pennsylvania area has been named the absolute worst according to this list. All of these brands are some of the lowest rated on the market and you may be surprised at which took the #1 spot, plus its ties to Pennsylvania.

The Worst Ice Cream Brand in America Has Ties To Pennsylvania

#8 - Blue Bunny

#7 - Dryer’s/Edy’s

#6 - Bryers

#5 - Friendly’s

#4 - Halo Top

#3 - Baskin Robbins

#2 - Kroger Deluxe

Coming in as the #1 spot on this list of the worst ice creams in America, it’s Blue Ribbon Classics ice cream. Based on the survey performed by 24/7 Wall St, Blue Ribbon Classics performed the worst out of all of the surveyed brands.

The 8 Worst Ice Cream Brands in America

The independent financial news and opinion website 24/7 Wall St. recently released an article listing the ‘8 Worst Ice Cream Brands in America,’ and believe it or not, several of these brands are sold right here in Maine.

Gallery Credit: Jordan Verge

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