Sad news for lovers of this cool brewery in South Jersey!

Lunacy Brewing Company, located at 1500 W Kings Hwy C, in Haddon Heights, New Jersey has announced they'll be permanently closing. Their last day in business will be Sept 16, according to their announcement on social media.

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According to their post, around 4 years after moving from Magnolia to Haddon Heights, they "ran into many hiccups" that kept them from expanding the production side of business. That, along with complications from the pandemic and other restrictions, led to their difficult decision to shut down.

"This is a post we really didn’t want to make… After 8+ years, we have decided to close our doors. It wasn’t an easy decision, but we feel it’s the best for us," the post read.

Take a look at the their announcement here:

They intend to go out with a bang on their last day, with celebration, family and friends!

This comes as sad news to those who have frequented Lunacy over the years, as you can tell by their comment section on Facebook - it's absolutely flowing with love and well wishes:

"So sad to hear! You will be missed ! I enjoyed following your journey from the beginning in magnolia . You guys became my good friends and thank you for everything !"

"Great owners and quality beer. Sad to see it end."

"I’m sad about this. I have enjoyed getting to know the great ppl pouring and the fine folks enjoying the beer and the vibe at Lunacy Brewing Company."

"Lunacy has given me some of the best memories. Love you guys and wish you nothing but the best!"

Be sure to stop in to raise one more glass before they close for good!

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