It's not news to anyone that things will be significantly different after this pandemic. We are all noticing major changes already. College students will be the group that will be having some of the biggest changes in their lifestyle. recently reported that the Office of Secretary of Higher Education released the guidelines for college as the fall semester gets a little close. OSHE shared a list of Critical Policies and Procedures that have to be followed by colleges and here are some that stood out the most to us.

  • Limitations on the number of students who may return to residence halls and restricted access to residential common areas
  • Strategies for food service and dining operations to ensure compliance with all health and safety standards and applicable Executive Orders
  • Strategy for study abroad programs and international travel. 
  • Institutions will be responsible for establishing screening and testing protocols on their campus for employees and students.
  • Social distancing in classrooms, residence halls, restrooms, and other areas across campus

According to, a few classes will be held in-person but a big percentage will continue to be virtual to continue practicing social distancing.

One other very interesting thing share by was the showering situation. If you live on campus you may have to schedule a time to shower and clean up. From the sound of it, if you happen to miss it you'll have to wait until the following day.

College sporting events will have a major change as well. We've all seen that at college games there is no such thing as social distancing. Student-athletes are probably hoping they are still allowed to do some sort of handshake.

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