Everyone is struggling in their own way during this pandemic. College students may have taken a bigger hit than most people.  Most have been forced off of their campuses because of the coronavirus and don't have all of the sources back home to continue with their studies.

Patch.com recently reported that Mercer County Community College has teamed up with TDI Connect to help the students that aren't financially stable by providing them with free computers. This program is to prevent anyone from missing classes during the coronavirus since most schools are continuing classes at home online.

Dr. Jianping Wang, President of Mercer County Community College, told Patch.com, "As educators, it is our responsibility to give our students the tools they need to succeed, which is more important now than ever."

MCCC teaming up with TDI Connect is huge. TDI Connect is a company that refurbishes computers and laptops that are given to them by schools and other companies that no longer use them. Now being able to help the

with these computers during these times is probably the best thing that could happen to these students.

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