Her name is Irisa Leverette, her game is educator, and her fame is rapping professor at Kean University in Union, New Jersey. See what I did there.

Irisa is getting attention because she's keeping her students's attention during her algebra classes. Kean University shared the news about Irisa and how she uses rhymes to keep her students focused and engaged during her lessons. A sample of one her lyrics is: “I rip classrooms like Drake RIP stages/ I’mma make algebra and trig contagious!”

Kean students have said that they love coming to her class because her enthusiasm truly is contagious. Prosper Nwankwo, a freshman from Trenton, NJ spoke very highly of Irisa and said that he loves coming to class "because you can tell she loves her job” he said. Her students appreciate the fact she makes learning a subject that may be difficult for some into something enjoyable.

See News 12 New Jersey's interview with Irisa below to learn more about her story and to hear some of her rap lessons. Read more on her and hear a bonus rap here

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