A New Jersey Native is about to be a big-time superstar. If you don't know the name Isaiah Hill, you will soon. The 19-year-old South Orange resident just got cased to be the lead role of Kevin Durant's new series "Swagger."

"Swagger" is officially out as of today on Apple TV Plus and I have already made it through the first three available episodes. The show is executive produced by NBA legend Kevin Durant and is directed by Reggie Rock Bythewood.

The show is excellent. I only heard about it because my brother has been anticipating it for a while now. If you have a love for sports, especially basketball, you will appreciate this series. The storyline is based on Kevin Durant's real-life experiences. It follows a 14-year-old basketball player named Jace Carson who is chasing his dreams to become a professional basketball player. He links up with a new basketball coach who ends up changing his life.

I am obsessed with the show so far. It really tugs on your heartstrings. It isn't just about basketball. The show displays in such a brilliant way the behind-the-scenes of what it is like to be black in America, negative influences that can arise at any turn, and family life that sometimes can be challenging.

Isaiah Hill is a phenomenal actor. That should come as no surprise given that stardom runs in his blood. According to NJ.com, Hill is the nephew of Grammy award winner Lauryn Hill.

Check out the show and support our fellow New Jerseyan!


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