Whoa!  Why am I never there when it happens?  My favorite spot along the jersey shore, Ocean City had another big star visit its town on Monday!

The pressofatlanticcity.com is reporting that Oscar winner, Al Pacino, was spotted chowing down on some pizza at Manco & Manco's on the boardwalk in Ocean City.

That would have been cool to see him, although, I'm too young to really know his movies. Scarface, right?

But, I still know he's a big time star!

Manco & Manco's Facebook page bragged that "Even Al Pacino knows where to get the best pizza in town!"

A few years ago, Bradley Cooper popped in and ate breakfast with his mom at one of my favorite restaurants, Bob's. I missed that one too, and that hurt a little more because I was just in there the day before! Ugh! I would have freaked out!

Crossing my fingers I'll have a star spotting while I'm there in a few weeks!

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