The coronavirus pandemic has crippled many small businesses and some may not even recover from it. When the state was shutdown, businesses that rely on customers coming to their stores and buying their products were totally not prepared for the loss of business and money. Some small businesses didn't even have websites and social media, but were forced to set them up quickly for online sales. Some of them were able to generate some revenue from that, but other stores were not so lucky.

Microsoft stores have not opened back up yet, and reports, that they do not plan to open back up their smaller stores. Most of these stores are in malls, but there may be plans to keep bigs ones open in large cities such as New York City, but they will turn them into what they are calling experience centers. The company is not going out of business completely. They will still be available online for purchases. I have really enjoyed using Microsoft teams to connect with my coworkers during the pandemic, and I thought a lot of people were buying laptops during the pandemic, but I guess that's a different part of Microsoft's sales.

Unfortunately, we may see more and more of big brand names stores closing their doors as well due to the shutdowns and other factors of the coronavirus pandemic.

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