Nelly says the GRAMMY Awards have some work to do to catch up with the times. Nelly shared the comments in an exclusive interview with the PopCrush Nights Show on 94.5 PST and Kayla Thomas.

“The GRAMMYs is one of those things that they fail sometimes to catch up with the times,” Nelly told Kayla.

Nelly’s comments, of course, come after other artists have spoken about the GRAMMYs not being fair. 

“There’s still credibility, but it’s one of those situations where if it’s not rectified soon and if these riff between artists is not mended,” Nelly said before recalling his own personal experience with the GRAMMYS:

“I complain just as well about the GRAMMYs,” the music superstar told us. “I never got nominated for Best New Artist, which we thought was amazing considering “Country Grammar” was one of the biggest things to hit, but we never got nominated for Best New Artist or anything.”

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The “Lil’ Bit” singer says he can see why other artists are frustrated too. 

“I’m not going to knock them for having their frustrations because they can explain what it is, but I’ve had my frustrations as well.”

He is, however, hopeful that the riff between artists and the Recording Academy could be fixed. 

“I think it is something that can be fixed, I think it’s just up to the GRAMMYS to see if they’re going work hard enough to fix it,” Nelly said.

Meanwhile, have we mentioned how much we’re loving Nelly’s latest collaboration with Florida Georgia Line for “Lil’ Bit,” which already sounds like the song of the summer to Kayla. Check it out here:

Meanwhile, you can listen to hear more of our exclusive interview with Nelly with the PopCrush Show on 94.5 PST this Tuesday night starting at 8:45 pm ET. Download our app to listen


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