Nelly has always been a pioneer in the music industry. His music has stood the test of time and has become revived for another life during the buss it challenges on Tik Tok. I was able to talk to him all about his upcoming music, a Lil Nas remix that didn’t make the cut, the Grammys, and more.

In our interview, Nelly talked about how the standard of music has changed. Some more vulgar language that he used to use back in the day is now more socially acceptable in mainstream music in 2021. There has also been a change in media and how people consume music, but Nelly said that doesn’t change how he makes music.

“I don’t make music with apps (like Tik Tok) in mind, but what I will say is you have to be versatile. Evolution is inevitable and I feel like how to survive as an artist, you have to make yourself relatable out the time you’re in as well,” he said.

In order to stay relevant, he says, you have to figure out how to make today work for you so you can grow with your fans.

Nelly has not been a stranger to think outside of the box. He likes to try new things and his new album “Heartland” has a huge country influence. This is not the first time he has dabbled in this genre and he says he appreciates the love country fans have shown him.

“What I found was that my fans were so supportive of me doing different music . . . What I found out was I could do different variations of music that could hit different charts that were successful,” he said.

He said growing up in the South, his uncle got him hooked on country music through Linoel Richie because he was a great songwriter and he wrote a lot of country music.

As we all know, Lil Nas X has also successfully crossed the bridge between hip hop and country music. Fun fact, Nelly was actually supposed to be featured on Lil Nas' song Rodeo. Nelly said he recorded his verse and everything, but it ended up being scraped. Turns out, Lil Nas X decided to replace Nelly's verse with a Cardi B verse!

“I actually did a remix for one of Lil Nas X’s songs that I guess my man didn't use,” Nelly said. “I guess Nelly didn't make the cut!”

Watch the full video with Nelly below.




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