Although our great state is starting to "open up" again and our Governor is allowing us to go back out to our favorite places, I think many people are still a little weary about rushing out their doors and I, myself am one of them. I feel that even though many people have recovered from the virus and cases are declining, I am still scared that I will catch the virus. I know, some people may think I am crazy, but that's how I feel. Everyone has the right to their opinion and has the right to either stay home or venture out while wearing their masks. So my family and I will still continue to stay out of crowded places and will possibly start seeing close friends and family in the next coming weeks.

The weather is getting nicer and i plan on ordering a blow up pool to have some fun in our yard, but to keep us entertained on rainy days, we'll still be watching  lot of Netflix. I saw an article on Variety that said Netflix was going to be canceling accounts and I freaked out and had to read it. Netflix did in fact announce that they would be canceling Netflix subscriptions, but they are doing so on inactive accounts. They will reach out to you if you haven't streamed anything for 1 or 2 years. They'll ask you if you want to still keep your account, if you don't respond, your account will be canceled.

So if you have time today, just log onto your account, so it looks like there's some activity going on, and keep an eye out for an email from Netflix. Netflix does have you in mind and wants you to save money if you're not using their service but it could be a pain to reactivate your account again.

For more info, check out this article from Variety.

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