An event that I look forward to all year is Freedom Festival! It's the greatest! A full day of food, fun, fireworks and music! There are tons of contests for listeners to take part in and  this year a new contest is taking place called the diaper derby and let me tell you I am so excited about it, I can hardly contain myself.

So what is the diaper derby? Babies under 16 months will be placed on a starting line and will crawl their way to the finish line! If your baby is the first one to cross the finish line, you could win a $150 visa gift card! I've seen these done in the past and they are absolutely hilarious! Watching babies crawl towards their parents, then the baby gets tired, wants to take a break, so then the parents freak out and like I said, it's extremely entertaining. The derby kicks off at 6pm so make sure when you're at Freedom Festival, you stop by!

If you wanna register your little tot for this awesome event, click here.

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