Think your baby is quick? Well, you should register your crawling tot for the Freedom Festival Diaper Derby, presented by Kevin Burch Agency, Farmer's Insurance (in Flemington, NJ).

The race will take place during Freedom Festival (at the Mercer County Park Festival Grounds) at 6 pm on Saturday, June 29th. 

Your baby could crawl away with a grand prize $150 Visa Gift Card.  Space is extremely limited. The Diaper Derby is limited to crawling children under the age of 16 months. Additional rules and regulations can be found below as well.

Online registration is now closed, but there is room for a few last minute "crawl-ups." Please go to the Guest relations tent to register today
*Space permitting.

We'll see you on the race course at 6 pm. It's sure to be a good time!

Additional rules & regulations:

  • The Diaper Derby is limited to crawling children under the age of 16 months.
  • Crawlers participating in the Diaper Derby will crawl from one cheering “coach” to the other.
  • Each crawler must be accompanied by two adults on race course. One will stay behind the starting line and one behind the finish line.
  • Babies will be lined up at the starting line and at the signal, may be encouraged to crawl to the finish line. Toys, bottles, pacifiers, etc. may be used to entice the baby to crawl.
  • Adults MUST stay behind the lines and will not be allowed in the middle of the crawling area until the race is finished.
  • If a contestant stands up and walks at any time during the race, he or she will be disqualified.
  • All parents/guardians must sign a waiver and release forms in order for the child to participate.  Forms will be provided on race day.

Good luck!

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