Attention all Disney movie lovers! This morning on Good Morning America, an all-new trailer for Frozen 2 was released and we just can't seem to let it gooooo!

This highly-anticipated sequel is set to hit theatres on November 22 and until then, we will just have to keep rewatching this trailer and search for some hidden clues that will answer some of our questions.

The new trailer sheds some light on the plot of the sequel and it seems that Anna and Elsa are back again with a new adventure, but this one seems a lot darker than their previous adventure.

For Frozen 2, we can expect the same familiar voices. Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, and Josh Gad are returning for their roles in the sequel. We can also expect some new voices! While it's still unclear what their roles will be,  Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown will have roles in the animated sequel!

Check out the official trailer here:

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