Here's something we already know: If you're from New Jersey, you probably curse. A LOT.

It's one of our trademarks, if you will - One that I find strangely endearing about us New Jerseyans. Personally, I curse like a sailor and I'm not afraid to admit it. A lot of times it's hard for to express my feelings without cursing!

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But there is one New Jerseyan in particular who takes the cake for one of the dirtiest mouths ever! If you imagine his voice in your head, he's most likely dropping a string of heated four-letter words. One word in particular! Rhymes with "duck".

So when you think of actors who curse a lot in films, who do think of?

Robert DeNiro? Leonardo DiCaprio? Jonah Hill? Samuel L. Jackson?

Those would all be great guesses, but none of them can drop an F-bomb like...

Joe Pesci!

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Crossword-Solver, tallied up the F-bombs using this method: "Crossword-Solver counted up the “f***'s,” “s***s,” and “hells” said by each character in every feature film screenplay publicly available on the main online script databases. We cross-referenced the character names with the actors who played them and ranked the 25 actors who have used each word the most across their careers."

Their key findings were that Pesci, born in Newark and raised in Belleville, has dropped the F-bomb 272 times in movies, which is more than any actor to date! And what's more interesting is the fact that 241 of those F-bombs were just from one movie alone!

Martin Scorsese's "Casino"! (1995)

And just in case you're wondering who some of Hollywood's other top potty-mouths are, Denzel Washington has said "s***" more times than any other actor, and Al Pacino and Leonardo DiCaprio have uttered the most "H-E-Double hockey sticks."

What's your favorite Joe Pesci movie? Though he doesn't really curse in this one, mine is "Home Alone!"


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