Everyone knows that traveling during the holiday season can be a complete nightmare and many try to avoid it. Another reason many people probably avoided traveling during the holidays is because they didn’t want to have to quarantine when coming back from vacation.

I did not let the quarantine guidelines hold me back from going to Los Angeles to spend the holidays with my family. Let me tell you, it is a little intimidating reading some state laws stating that if you don't fill out a form online stating that you will quarantine when you arrive at your destination you can face jail time. In case you didn’t know, that is something that California shares with everyone traveling to the state, not New Jersey.

As for the state of New Jersey, it was not as aggressive but they are still tough with the quarantine guidelines when flying into the state. On the state of New Jersey website, you are supposed to answer some COVID-19 questions, enter your address, phone number, and date of arrival. The county will actually reach out to you via phone call on the day of your arrival to ask you more COVID-19 questions. At the end of the call, the phone operator will ask you if you will voluntarily be quarantined for a minimum of 10 days.

Personally, I believe that the state of New Jersey is doing right by checking in with people traveling into the state. We really want to stop this pandemic already and go back to living a life with a lot fewer restrictions.

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