Now that Thanksgiving is out of the way, many are ready to set up their Christmas tree.

Unless you are in a group of people who have already set up their tree, and decorations (inside and outside), and have had non-stop Christmas music on.

You will most likely find that perfect, real tree, in the next couple of days.

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Some may have already taken advantage of the days just after Thanksgiving to find that perfect tree from a local Christmas Tree Farm and bring it home for the season.

My family, for one, was never that family.  When growing up, I vividly remember the sound of falling ornaments in the middle of the night.

For whatever reason, our real trees would never last up to Christmas.  After losing a few dozen ornaments that fell off the tree, it was all fake for me and my family.

Olena Sergienko, Unsplash
Olena Sergienko, Unsplash

In a state with a small footprint like New Jersey, we have over a dozen Christmas Tree Farms.

With this summer’s drought, however, could we be facing higher prices?  What damage has this summer’s drought caused to our supply of Christmas trees in New Jersey?

According to MarketWatch, (the supply chain issues weren’t limited to everyday supplies.  Drought and other factors caused issues in the Christmas tree-growing business.  Comment on price increases, farmers are feeling the pressure.

“More than one-third of growers said costs had risen by 11% to 15%, while more than one-quarter said costs had risen by 16% to 20% compared with the previous year.”


How Does New Jersey Look when it Comes to the 2022 Christmas Tree Market?

According to an interview done by’s Amanda Oglesby, with Jack Sangillo of Anne Ellen Christmas Tree Farm in Manalapan, there are a lot of factors in play for this year’s Christmas tree market.  First, the drought, stating,

“the hot dry weather has killed some of the farm’s thousands of trees."

Second, we could see the same trend as last year

“Last winter, supply chain congestion and shortages made those trees more difficult to find and more expensive to purchase, according to numerous reports…expects more of the same this year due to the overly hot, dry summer killing off Christmas trees.”

Just like everything else.

We could see supply chain issues and inflation add a few extra dollars to your tree this year.  Not only with your real tree but can see this happen with artificial trees, as well.

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