While there were some impromptu fireworks for the Fourth of July in the Jersey skies, the Garden State Plaza didn't float across the sky due to the COVID-19 restrictions, along with other regularly scheduled fireworks.

But an unlikely band of heroes saved the Fourth. Statuesque drag performers strutted their stuff this past Friday Night for "Drag N’ Drive", the first series of drive-in drag shows featuring stars from ”RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

The celebration arrived two weeks after the Fourth, however, people seemed grateful to get out and gather at a socially distant event.

The TV phenomenon debuted in 2009 and has a seriously fierce fanbase. The Garden State Plaza began with a quote from Michelle Visage, a longtime "Drag Race” Judge who was from Perth Amboy, "b****h, welcome to the 201.”

The parking lot was packed according to social distance regulations and then spread out more so than people could reside outside of their cars, while still complying with social distancing.

According to NJ.com, some people set up lawn chairs, while others sat on their trunk or the bed of a truck, or even climbed on top of their cars.

There were also some "house rules” at the top of the show:

1. ’Conjugal visits’ inside cars are “encouraged.

2. You may get drunk and people will mistake you for our performers.

3. Do not throw anything on the stage unless it is hard drugs.

The first act of the show paid homage to various movies like "Ghostbusters,” "Beetlejuice, ” "Clueless” and "Maleficent.

At the end of this act, the performers assembled as sparkly Avengers to Madonna’s ”Hollywood.

The Paramus ”Drag N’ Drive” continued over the weekend and the touring will go to Los Angeles, Seattle and Maryland in August.


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