Personally, I love gambling. Just the adrenaline rush of putting your money on the line and getting that winning hand is so much fun. I will not say I am addicted to gambling but I for sure enjoy it.

Wallet Hub recently made a list of 2021's Most Gambling Addicted States. To be able to put the list together Wallet Hub mentioned that the company looked at metrics such as "illegal gambling operations to lottery sales per capita to the share of adults with gambling disorders."

According to the list of 2021's Most Gambling Addicted State created by Wallet Hub, the state of New Jersey takes the 5th overall spot as one of the states with the most gambling addictions. That is pretty high up there. Atlantic City is just a short drive away. Is that possibly why the Garden State has such a high number of gambling addictions?

We also learned from Wallet Hub that New Jersey takes the 5th spot for most gambling arrests per capita. On top of that, the state takes 5th in the highest percentage of adults with gambling disorders. Those rankings are definitely not something to be proud of.

Other categories that were also ranked included Gambling Friendliness and Gambling Problem & Treatment.

New Jersey landed 9th for Gambling Friendliness and 15th for Gambling Problem & Treatment.

Pennsylvania lands almost right in the middle of all 50 states, taking the 24th spot overall when it comes to gambling addiction. It is not hard to guess that the number 1 state with gambling addiction is Nevada. They have Las Vegas, how can they not be?

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