Move over Vegas, there might be a new Sheriff in town! New Jersey is about to give Sin City the boot when it comes to sports betting. According to the New York Post, The Garden state is on pace to replace Nevada as the "betting capital of America." And the crazy thing is, Jersey JUST legalize sports betting a little over a year ago!

Nevada has always held this title since 1949. However, with the official NFL season starting this Thursday, experts are predicting that residents from both Philly and New York will flock to Atlantic City to place their bets.

Jersey just legalized betting last June and already brought in 1.5 billion dollars during last year’s season from September through January. Nevada's total sports gambling brought in $2.7 billion which isn't impressive considering its been legal for so long. If you think about it, it only took Jersey 11 months to overtake Nevada’s sportsbook wagerson a monthly basis when it booked $318.9 million worth of sports bets in May, versus $318.3 million for Nevada.

Happy betting season!!