I am pretty sure we all know someone that enjoys going to Atlantic City. While out there, a lot of people tend to enjoy smoking within the casino. Well, because of the pandemic, that wasn't an option. Now, things are about to change.

According to NJ.com, now that indoor dining is an option in the state of New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy had given the thumbs up to allow smoking inside casinos. We are sure that will make so many people happy but is that really safe? We are sure that many of the casino dealers aren't too happy. We've all seen it happen when smokers blow their smoke towards the casino dealers. Not a cool move.

That decision to allow smoking inside casinos didn't last long. According to 3CBS Philly, Governor Murphy said, “We’ve looked closely at the science and agree with the experts who have concluded that allowing smoking is too big a risk to take,”

Even though smoking was going to be allowed in casinos again it was only going to be allowed at designated locations. According to NJ.com, starting this morning, Friday, September 4th, was when the casinos were going to allow smoking in designated areas.

The change of mind for Governor Murphy was probably after a lot of people were giving him a ton of backlash. Murphy had mentioned that "he was simply following the law, which legislators should change if they do not want casino patrons to light up," according to NJ.com

It was also mentioned on NJ.com that when someone is smoking, they blow out air which releases particles that can spread the virus even more. Therefore, it is still not safe.


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