So many events have been canceled or postponed, and an elementary school talent show in New Jersey was no exception. Kids practicing their talents, gearing up to perform in front of their peers, parents excited to see their children bravely take the stage, were all going to be done away with until some parents had a clever idea.

A group of third graders from Haddonfield had been practicing their basketball moves, some inspired by the Harlem Globetrotters, and their parents weren’t going to let their efforts go to waste.

Planning a virtual hang out where all the kids could show off their talent was just the first part of the surprise they put together for their children. All of a sudden a couple other faces came up on the screen but it wasn’t another classmate.

According to CBS Philly, actual Globetrotters Hammer Harrison and Cheese Chisholm joined the kids and did basketball tricks together. The parents had reached out to the Globetrotters who responded that they would happily participate with the kids.



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