We seem to reserve talking about hauntings until we hit October but there is one place that is supposed to be so haunted it deserves a mention anyway.  I just read that New Jersey is home to the most actively haunted abandoned prisons in the country and now you can take a tour of it.

Did you know that New Jersey is home to one of the most haunted prisons in the world? Do you believe that unthinkable torture leaves a footprint memory on a place?  Do you think there is such a thing as active spirits that want revenge? The history alone will rivet you to the bone.  If you love history and can handle the truth you want to go on this New Jersey prison tour.

This stone fortress has roots back to 1811…once prisoners went in, many did not make it out. As legend has it, the conditions were so unbearable inmates mentally checked out way before their bodies did.

This was one of the last prisons to stop the practice of public hangings on it’s grounds. Spectators would say they saw men becoming ghosts before their eyes.


The Burlington County Prison in Mount Holly is a place where the walls do talk. The once-abandoned jail  has now been restored and the Historic Burlington County Prison is a museum that tells the tale of the punished.  Historians say that inmates there often didn’t even have a bed. Instead, they slept on the moist, cold stone floor.  The ones that couldn’t bear the conditions committed suicide.

They are open all year long which begs the question, are you brave enough to go to history class?

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