A new Zoom feature will let you charge for some online events, according to Business Insider.

The added feature is called OnZoom. It's sounds cool. It will let organizers of events sell tickets for paid events (and hold free events) on the video conferencing platform. How is it going to do that? It's joined forced with PayPal. Ahhhh. There's also going to be an event marketplace, where you can sign up for both types of the events...free and paid.

As of now, this is only available to us, here in the U.S., but, the article says it will be available around the world sometime next year. You can try it out for free right now (if you're a paid user) through the end of the year. Zoom says it will probably start taking a portion of the ticket sales next year.

I didn't even realize this, but, Facebook starting doing something like this at the beginning of 2020. Check out those details here. Facebook has said it won't start taking any of the ticket sale money until at least summer 2021.

I know you probably have questions. The article says you'll be allowed to have anywhere from 100 to 1,000 people in an event. I can see fitness instructors utilizing OnZoom. You'll just pay for your class via PayPal. Love it. Don't worry, there will be security features built in to prevent Zoom Bombing or Zoom Crashing.

Get ready, I'm sure you'll see everything from family reunions, yoga classes, business conferences, to fundraisers on OnZoom.

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