A lot of us are really bothered that the gyms are all closed and we are being held back from our summer bodies. We get it, it stinks but its all to stop the spread of this 'Rona.

Check this out, if you are a member of the NAC you are going to be proud of your gym because it is helping the community during this pandemic. On Facebook the Newtown Atheltic Club made it known that a few weeks ago the owner of the gym reached out to Local, State and Federal Government letting them know that the NAC was available to them for any emergency use.

According to the Facebook post by the NAC, the offer was taken by Bucks County Emergency Services. The sports training center will be used during this crisis by healthcare workers.

We learned from the NAC's Facebook post that the gym is already preparing everything in case there is any hospital overflow.

The FB post stated, “It is our privilege to be able to contribute and support our community in this small way."

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