My son is very young, 4 months old to be exact, so I am not running into the problem of scrounging to find things to do for him. I have friends who have kids a lot older than my son, so it's hard for them to really keep them entertained when they're done with school and my one friend wanted to get her kids out of the house so bad yesterday, she came to my house and we talked in the driveway while keeping our distance.

Ever since social distancing has become one of the best ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus, people have found creative ways to still do things they love and support one another. I've seen pictures and videos of birthday parades, and people even drive by someone's house when someone is expecting a baby or if a wedding got canceled. It's a cute way to show some support and get out of the house and have some fun.

According to The Patch, Newtown Athletic Club is having a drive by event tomorrow (May 8th) from 12-1pm, that will have many characters including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Disney princesses, and even some Marvel superheroes. The Newtown Athletic Club also says dressing up as a character yourself to make the event even more fun. The characters will maintain social distancing from cars, but will still entertain your kids. This would be great to get the kids and yourself out of the house and smile a little bit.

This event at the Newtown Athletic Club is completely free but they do want you to RSVP for it click here to do that.

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