With the new COVID-19 restrictions in the state of Pennsylvania, many small businesses will suffer and lose a lot of money. It is extremely hard to see this happen because a lot of these small businesses were started by families that shed blood, sweat, and tears to have their own business and better their lives. It seems like businesses are getting extremely aggravated by these restrictions and are deciding not to close their establishments.
One of the businesses that has decided to remain open and go against the state regulations is the Newtown Athletic Club. The Newtown Athletic Club stated on their Facebook Page that they will remain open for the well being of the people. "We believe in the importance of fitness as essential in the fight against COVID-19 and are confident in our ability to operate successfully following all COVID-19 protocols for safety,” the Newtown Athletic Club mentioned in the Facebook post.

It was stated on UVAhealth.com, "Regular exercise may reduce the risk of acute respiratory distress syndrome, a major cause of death in patients with the COVID-19 virus." So in reality that is not a bad idea that the Newtown Athletic Club is trying to remain open while the governor of the state of Pennsylvania is shutting down all gyms.

The comments section of the post created by the Newtown Athletic Club has a bunch of mixed emotions. Some Facebook users are all for the decision to remain open and have said that they are thankful that the gym is staying open. Some have even given kudos the owner. Others are completely against it and have said, "And this is the problem with our country.”

I personally wouldn't be surprised if many other business owners start to rebel against the government orders because they are losing so much money or perhaps not getting any government help like others that have been unemployed.

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