You may have noticed on social media that many people are back out at bars and restaurants while other people are still nervous to make that big move due to the coronavirus. I don't blame them. I still haven't gone to a bar or restaurant yet. To be real with you, I don't want to go because it is probably extremely weird, and maybe a little scary, to be close to others during this pandemic.

For those that are all for bars and restaurants just know that your nights are going to be cut short soon in the state of New Jersey. According to, the governor of the state of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, bars and restaurants that are serving food and alcohol indoors will have to close by 10 pm. This will affect all restaurants and bars that are offering indoor service.

It was stated on that this new restriction will take effect Thursday, November 12th. Bars and restaurants in New Jersey must remain closed from 10 pm to 5 am. If you are wondering if this will also affect the casinos, the answer is YES. Casinos in Atlantic City must follow these restrictions as well.

This is where things get a little confusing. It was also stated on that the governor of New Jersey has made it known that bars will not be allowed to provide any of their indoor services. We would like to assume that restaurants that have a bar inside are the only ones that will be allowed to have people at their bars. It is all still so confusing.

One last thing that was mentioned on was that restaurants that have outdoor dining will be allowed to set up tables a little closer, perhaps to fit a few more people into their establishment. However, tables must be separated by plexiglass.

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