When the announcement first came out that schools would be closing their doors due to the coronavirus, there were of course some kids that thought that meant the end to their school work days. What the nation saw since schools moved remote has been an amazing display of instructor dedication and unique learning. Unfortunately, with all the good that has been provided through virtual platforms, like Zoom, there is the inevitable bad.

Glitches, poor connections and students and teachers without internet access are a few but the issue of hacking, named “Zoom-bombing,” has raised another level of concern. Privacy isn’t always guaranteed in these virtual meetings, as a middle school class in New Jersey found out the hard way recently.

The school, part of the Lumberton Township Public Schools district, experienced a 15-second hacking where the intruder displayed pornographic images and used racist language to a class of middle school-aged children.

Thankfully the teacher and co-host on the class meeting were able to stop the interaction before it went any further and reported it to their superintendent. The district announced that consequently they have moved to stop Zoom meetings for the time being, while they assess if it can continue to use the platform safely.

The incident is currently under investigation by the Lumberton police department. According to People magazine, a spokesperson from Zoom said that the company is looking to update their features so this type of stuff does not happen in the future.

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