Spring break isn’t just a big deal in college. It’s a great breather for teachers and students of all ages, regularly including travel plans and extra time to spend with friends and family. With schools throughout the state moved to remote learning indefinitely, social distancing restrictions barring any social in-person interactions and long-distance travel posing too high a risk, the normal activities for break had to be redefined.

One New Jersey middle school librarian shared that he is an avid traveler, especially on his breaks. For instance, this year he had plans to go on a cruise to Bermuda with his family. Forced into self-isolation, Keith Rosso opted to make the best of the situation and help encourage students to do the same.

According to NJ.com, Rosso enlisted the help of teachers and friends to help create a nine-minute video featuring them doing different at-home quarantine activities. From playing basketball in the drive way to bird watching, the video was posted on a district learning management system before break started to help kids realize there are things to be done at home.

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