Many celebrities and large organizations have been doing their part during this difficult time to help out and donate towards coronavirus aide. It doesn’t always take someone of fame to insight a following though as one New Jersey teen proved.

Rumson-Fair Haven High School senior Bobby Hoye decided he would run a marathon on his treadmill and live stream it to raise money for healthcare workers. According to, the teen completed a grueling 26.2 miles, running to a pumped up playlist featuring artists like Post Malone to Fleetwood Mac.

Through cramps and fatigue, Hoye ran while a friend from a separate location helped live stream the run and add in commentary. Hoye was set to run the New Jersey Marathon on April 26, before it was postponed due to the coronavirus.

Hoye’s friend, Peyton Ming helped tally donations to Jersey Shore University Medical Center, even as donations continued coming in past the run that lasted about five and a half hours. stated that as of Thursday, Hoye had raised nearly $6,467 for the hospital.


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