6abc announced that Hersheypark has updated their park guidelines. Hersheypark just had their opening weekend and I have friends who went and they said it was awesome to walk around and not wear a mask. Hersheypark announced that vaccinated park guests do not have to wear masks or socially distance while they are enjoying the sweetest place on earth. Hersheypark is following the CDC's recommended guidelines as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Health's recommendations that vaccinated people do not need to wear masks any longer. This has got to be a huge relief for people who were planning trips to the chocolate theme park, but did not want to wear masks in the summer heat. Those who are not vaccinated still need to wear their masks while they visit the park unless they are eating. Although there is not way to know who is vaccinated and who's not.

I still would like to wear my mask in certain areas once mask mandates are dropped. I do trust the vaccine, which is why I got it, but I do have a few reasons for still wearing my mask. it's mostly just because after this pandemic, I feel like some people are just gross and when I am in close quarters with people I don't know, I'd prefer to wear a mask. It's my personal choice. With the summer heat, it might be nice to be able to breathe fresh air and not sweat my butt off breathing through a mask, so I'll make sure I am far away from others before I take my mask off.

This Firehouse AirBnB in Lambertville Will be Your Staycation

This Airbnb in Lambertville is sure to be your next staycation. It was once a firehouse and now is an adorable place to stay when you want to get away, but not go too far. It is extremely unique and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms so four guests can use it. It's two stories, located in beautiful Lambertville and even has a rooftop deck. The hosts rent it out for $282 a night. 

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