Summer 2019 is right around the corner and I have to say, there's nothing like driving down to the Jersey Shore for the day. You set up your beach chair and blanket, dig your toes in the sand, and maybe crack open a cold one. (And by cold one, I mean a beer) But, now with a new alcohol ban, you won't be able to enjoy a beer or any alcohol on any beaches in New Jersey.

According to, Sandy Hook was the last beach that allowed people to drink alcohol while they relaxed on the sand, but now, that's over! There were over 300 hundred drinking related incidents that took place over over a two year span and park officials were fed up! They even said a few of the incidents could have been life threatening. Park officials want beach visitors to understand that their safety is their number one priority and when alcohol is consumed and mixed with hot temperatures, it can create an unsafe environment.

The only exception for the alcohol ban is if a wedding is happening at Sandy Hook. Guests, and the bride and groom will be allowed to have alcohol, but other than that, Sandy Hook is a now a dry beach!

I think a lot more people will be flocking to bay beaches and other places that allow alcohol. (I know a couple of places that you can just park your chair and bring a cooler with anything in it!) I mean come on, people go down to the Jersey Shore to kick back and relax!

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