As concerns about coronavirus (COVID19) continue to grow across the nation, we were curious if there had been any suspected cases locally in our area.

So we reached out to Bucks County health officials to confirm details about the virus in our area.

They tell us that there have not been ANY suspected cases of the disease in Bucks County. In fact, nobody in the county that was at risk for the disease has presented symptoms. So there haven’t even been any tests for coronavirus administered at this point.

Per the CDC guidelines, all travelers from mainland China are self-quarantining for 14 days, but according to the Bucks County Health Department, none of those individuals have presented any symptoms.

The health department did not release an exact number of residents/visitors who had self-quarantined in Bucks County since the outbreak, but they stressed that the number is “very low,” and in fact, they say it’s “well under 100.”

In fact, CDC officials say that Americans should prepare for disruptions to their daily lives, including school closings, office disruptions (working from home), delayed elective medical procedures, and more. The statements were made during a media briefing on Tuesday (February 25).

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