Olivia Rodrigo is the talk of the town right now, and has been ever since she released her #1 hit single “drivers license”. I got the chance to sit down with the talented 18-year-old to discuss her smashing success and what life has in store for her next.

Olivia talked all about her “pinch me” moments after “Drivers License” was released. She said, “it’s one thing to see a song charting or see a song streaming on your phone but seeing it in real life and seeing it affect people in real life is something completely different.”

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have both made the cut in Olivia’s mind on who she would want to sing on a potential “drivers license” remix. Olivia has also described her next single as “upbeat, clever, and dreamy” when talking about her future in music.

Rodrigo, who just turned eighteen, is not only a pop star but is the star of the Disney+ original series High School Musical The: Musical: The Series. When I asked her whether or not she passed her driver’s test on the first try, Olivia admitted that she passed on the fourth try (technically). She told us that she had to cancel her first appointment due to COVID-19, then her second appointment was canceled because she was filming for HSMTMTS, and her third appointment was going smoothly until prompted to use her horn and realized it didn’t work. Finally, she passed during her fourth appointment.

Olivia got personal and revealed that she thinks “being single is the best thing in the whole entire world”. She explains that, for her, there are so many different types of love other than romantic love. During this process of heartbreak, Olivia says that she has strengthened her love of music and her love of her friends.

Billboard reports that “drivers license” is now at its eighth week in a row as the number 1 hit song in the nation. This is only one week after it broke the record for being the first single to spend its first seven weeks at number 1, made by Drake with “God’s Plan” in 2018.

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