Target is one of those stores that you go into for one thing and come out $100 later. I swear it's a victory for me when I come out spending less than $100.

Well, get ready to love Target even more! They just announced that they are going to be selling wine and all of them are under $10! The collection includes a cabernet sauvignon, red wine blend, rosé, pinot grigio, and chardonnay. All of the wines are all made from California grown grapes, The Collection will hit shelves on March 3rd. I don't know if the Targets in New Jersey will carry The Collection, but if Pennsylvania does, you bet I'm crossing the boarder and hitting up the nearest Target. I'd drive that far for a $10 bottle of wine!

This is actually not the first time that Target is putting wine on their shelves. They also carry California Roots and Wine Cube, which are ONLY available at Target. Both of these brands are also adding new stuff on March 3rd. Like, The Wine Cube, which is Target's boxed wine, will be adding a new four pack of cans available in two flavors for $10.99 per pack. So March 3rd will be a big day for Target and winos! Check your local Target for availability!


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