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The world of online gaming has experienced a surge in popularity with many players looking to partake in the latest games. This has been a double-edged sword as although the idea of there being more players on the market is exciting for digital businesses, it also creates a large demand and everyone knows what happens with a large demand – more suppliers tend to crop up. Therefore, many online businesses now need to focus on how they can differentiate themselves when it comes to attracting new or encouraging consistent play and this comes in the form of bonuses.

This article aims to shed light on the different types of online bonuses that players can look out for.

Welcome Bonuses

There are quite a few different welcome bonuses that online gaming platforms, especially online gambling platforms, offer. The following bonuses are a great introduction to the topic of welcome bonuses but you can get more info here if you would like to know further details about the gambling bonuses that are on offer.

One of the most popular bonuses that online gambling sites are offering their new players is the 'sign-up' bonus. This essentially rewards players for signing up with a new game and giving them some free tokens or spins as a sign of gratitude. Although this may come across as a rather basic bonus, the effects of it have been rather tremendous. Firstly, the size of the 'sign-up' bonus is important, so players need to compare different ones before making the choice, furthermore, it also creates a sense of trust between the player and the digital establishment as it gives players the chance to use the platform without needing to invest in their own. Everyone knows that in the beginning of navigating an internet gambling game, you are bound to make silly mistakes and being able to make these mistakes on the company's dime brings peace of mind.

Another welcome bonus that crops up at the start of a player's journey is known as the 'deposit match'. What this bonus does is that it gives the player a certain percentage match to their investment. This means that if a player puts down an initial investment of $100 when signing up and then the casino gets to decide how much value they would like to add. This percentage can range anywhere between 10 % and 200 %, it is completely up to the discretion of the casino. For example, in the case of the casino wanting to offer a 50% deposit match, the player would put down their $100 and then get an additional $50 from the casino.

Consistent Play Bonuses

For players who are a bit more experienced and wish to find bonuses that support their consistency, they need to look no further than the famous 'loyalty bonus'. This one gives players who partake or engage with games consistently the chance to earn free coins or spins. Whether you are in the business of online casinos or in the business of selling T-shirts, one thing rings true which is that loyal customers are the most important customers. Online casinos wishing to encourage loyalty will offer these bonuses. For example, if a player goes online during a specified time frame that the online casino asked for, the player might receive double points for their actions. Or if a player logs in a certain number of hours each month, this might also be supported with free spins and tokens.

Furthermore, there is also the 'VIP bonus' which rewards players who play in large amounts consistently. For online casinos that have players who like to bet considerable amounts and bring in more business, they will naturally be rewarded. This reward is usually not in the margins of free spins or tokens but rather in exclusive tickets to an online celebrity poker tournament or more elite things like that.

If you or anyone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-GAMBLER.

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