A Public Relations and digital marketing resource website called PRPioneer.com recently conducted a survey of "employees working from home in quarantine about their relationship with their work spouse vs. their actual partner."

One of the most interesting findings is the fact that 41% of New Jerseyans say they miss their work spouse more than they think they would miss their actual real spouse.  That's a higher percentage than any other state.

Wikipedia defines "work spouse" as "a co-worker, usually of the opposite sex, with whom one shares a special relationship, having bonds similar to those of a marriage."

PRPIoneer.com says that "63% of employees working from home say they would be more productive if they were in lockdown with their work spouse as compared to their actual partner."  The site provided a list of tips to make working from home with your spouse easier.

By the way, PRPioneer.com also says that 1 in 10 people surveyed say they have mistakenly called their real spouse by their work spouse's name.  (Can you say, "awkward.")


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