As states are reopening and restrictions are lifted, about half of the states are seeing a rise in Coronavirus cases. Pennsylvania, according to Tom Wolf, will not be one of those states.

According to the CDC, Pennsylvania is one of three states that has seen the most decreases in COVID-19 cases. Governor Wolf said, “We know our decline in cases is because of our choices because more than half of states are experiencing an increase in COVID-19 cases as reopening begins. Many of these states are experiencing significant case increases tied to reopening too soon or too much. Pennsylvania is not. We have remained focused on balancing economic interests with public health.”

Wolf also said that people should prepare to wear masks even when their county opens up to the green phase. This is because there could be traces of Coronavirus until fall. “Recently, more studies show that masks prevent people from unknowingly giving COVID-19 to others. Wearing a mask doesn’t impinge on our freedom – it gives us more freedom from unknowingly spreading COVID-19.” Wolf said.

Wolf also commended his state on appreciating all the safety precautions the government is taking. “Pennsylvanians have done an excellent job at demonstrating how to balance business and public health,” Gov. Wolf said. “If we keep this up, we can continue to be a model to other states and a leader at saving lives and livelihoods during this pandemic.”


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