If you're like me, you've been searching for ways to get fresh groceries delivered to your home.  I've tried Whole Foods, Target, and Instacart, but have had no luck in securing a delivery window.

Well, Panera Bread may have a solution for us.  Like many other restaurants, Panera has started selling groceries to customers who are looking for fresh produce, dairy, and bread.

The popular counter-service restaurant chain has launched Panera Grocery on its website and app.  According to panera.com, customers can purchase things like avocados, tomatoes, gallons of milk, yogurt, fresh breads, bagels, and more.


An article on
cnbc.com says Panera has "lost half its business" since it closed its dining rooms due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Panera says its grocery service is not available at all of their locations and delivery areas are limited.  (By the way, if you're not eligible for delivery, Panera is offering in-store pickup.

For more info and to see if Panera Grocery is available near you, click here.

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