Let's be real, cooking at home is starting to get old. You're probably a little tired of cooking already or running out of meals to cook. In case you weren't aware, some restaurants are still open and have great deals for our communities during this pandemic.

Speaking of restaurants that are still open, FastCasual.com recently shared that Panera has released a new deal called "Panera Family Feast." If you are like me that lives alone but can eat the world it sounds like a great deal because it includes multiple meals. According to Fast Casual, the Panera Family Feast comes with 2 kids sandwiches, 2 half sandwiches, 1 whole salad, 1 family mac & cheese, and 1 whole baguette.

That's not a bad move if you are not a germaphobe during this pandemic and don't mind someone else handling your food.

It was also mentioned on FastCasual.com that the Panera Family Feast starts at $29. You can also add Four Chocolate Chipper cookies for an additional $4 if you'd like.

FYI ... there is also free delivery until April 30 just use codeword FREEDELIVERY.

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