Times are tough right now. They are tough for people suffering and dying from coronavirus and it's also a tough time for the economy. Because coronavirus has spread so fast and so quickly, social distancing is what experts say will stop the spread. Following what the recommendations of these experts, governors have closed restaurants, hair and nail salons and other places deemed "not essential" to be open. Unfortunately, for many of these places, workers are struggling to make ends meet since they are not salary based jobs or their job mostly relies on tips.

The shining light in all this terrible darkness we've ben facing these past few months are the people who care and are going above and beyond to help others. That is what Janice and Elizabeth Mintz have done according to NJ.com. The mother and daughter from Pennington, wanted to still be able to support their local businesses in Mercer County through this tough time. They've set up a Google Doc which is serving as a "virtual tip jar," for those who need some money right now, whether they're bartenders, servers, or work in a hair or nail salon or any other position that has been temporarily terminated because of COVID-19. Workers in need just need to fill out a form and the money will be send through Venmo or Paypal.

Bravo to this mother and daughter duo for trying to help out their local businesses and fellow Mercer County residents.

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