It's extremely sad when you hear that some children don't eat three meals a day. It's not because they have a busy schedule, it's because their families cannot afford food for them to eat. It's actually very common in the United States for families to not make enough money to feed their families and often times, parents don't eat, just so their children can. The closing of schools because of COVID-19 have put some parents in a panic because they rely on the meals that their children are given at school. The Pennsbury School District wants to help those families in need.

The Patch reports that even though schools are closed in Pennsylvania, kids will still be able to receive free meals at Pennsbury High School. Meals will be available from 11am to 1pm, on weekdays starting tomorrow and all you have to do is bring is proof that your child is a student within the district. These meals will be free and parents just have to drive up to get them.

Kudos to the Pennsbury School District. I hope kids and families will now be able to breathe a little easier knowing that their kids will be able to eat.

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