One of the best things to hear from someone is that they have beat cancer and that they're on their last round of chemo. It just brings so much joy even if we don't personally know the person. recently reported that a big Philadelphia 76ers fan, Alex Trindle, tweeted out, "I wore a sixers hoodie to ring the bell on my last day of chemo!!! Iconic? I think so." With the tweet there was also a video where the sixers fan rang the bell that has been a warm tradition where cancer patients signal the end of their treatment with a victory over the disease.

According to, Trindle was just hoping to have a small acknowledgment on Twiter by the Philadelphia 76ers but things actually turned out to be a lot better. Multiple athletes were replying to her Twitter post and sending her messages of encouragement. Amongst those athletes were Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris, as well as other Sixers players.

We also learned from that Chris Heck, the president of the Philadelphia 76ers, was quick to reach out to Trindle and ask her if she was interested in ringing the bell at one of the 76ers game in the near future.

Of course Trindle was all for it. Trindle told, "That is going to be one of the coolest things I have ever done.” We have to agree with her, it's going to be a great experience.

The Philadelphia 76ers posted the video of Alex Trindle ringing the bell after her very last chemo treatment. Part of the caption was very touching saying, "She inspired us, so today we surprised her!"

Heck told that usually the 76ers don't allow anyone inside the locker room but they will make a very special exception for Trindle.

With just one tweet you have motivated us to stay strong with anything that we do in life, Alex Trindle.

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