Philadelphia officials are issuing a "stay-at-home" order banning all public gatherings at 8 a.m. on Monday. The restrictions, which previously were scheduled to end on Friday, March 27, will now remain in effect until further notice, officials say. Similar measures are already in place in New Jersey.

Gathering of any number of people except for essential business activities is prohibited for the foreseeable future.

Residents can engage in outdoor activities (such as walking, running and cycling) as long as they maintain proper social distancing from others.

Another change that residents of Philadelphia will notice is how takeout orders are being processed. Philadelphia health officials say that all take out and delivery orders must be made online or by phone in advance. Essentially, placing an order inside the restaurant is prohibited, and at this time, we believe all orders must be paid for in advance.

As of Sunday afternoon, there have been at least 479 COVID-19 cases reported in the state of Pennsylvania (with 91 reported in the city of Philadelphia).

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