It really is not news that Philadelphia is home to a great nightlife. The entire city is full of amazing bars, restaurants, and clubs that are just waiting to be explored.

If you do find yourself in the city looking for a good drink, there are a few places that need to make your list.



The Travel Channel has officially curated a list of THE best Irish bars in the country and if you’re looking for a great spot to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day, look no further than the Philadelphia bar that they’ve placed in the number 1 spot!

A bunch of amazing Irish pubs in Chicago, Massachusetts, New York City, and even Los Angeles have made this list, but you don’t need to travel all the way across the country to check out one of the very best.

The Travel Channel Names McGilin’s Olde Ale House The Best Irish Bar In The U.S.

If you’re familiar with going out in the city of Philadelphia, you know that McGilin’s Olde Ale House is a necessity for your bar crawl. Whether you’re looking to have a wild night with your friends or just a place to grab a beer and chill, McGilin’s is a must-see.

McGilin’s is the oldest tavern in Philadelphia and dates back to 1860. When you step inside, you remember that you’re not only hanging out and having a great night in an awesome Irish bar, but you get to experience a huge piece of Phiiladelphia’s history at the same time!

McGilin’s is known for providing Philadelphia with tons of fun and beer over the past 164 years and there’s no end in sight.

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