There's hope for all you Phillies fans. It looks like major league baseball will be coming back this May. The league is advocating to play the entire 2020 season with all the players, coaches and personnel, but with major restrictions.

Originally the start of the 2020 season had been suspended due to the Coronavirus. However, the league has suggested to set up shop in Phoenix, where all games will be played at Chase Field without fans in the stand. This means that every single team, including the Phillies, would temporarily move to Arizona.

According to TMZ, all MLB personnel would be living in isolation, only leaving their homes to go to and from games. The league would also start using an electronic strike zone to keep umpires away from batters and catchers. Plus, the dugouts would be moved to the stands where players and coaches could sit six feet apart from each other.

According to TMZ, the CDC is on board with this however, they have not yet received approval of this plan from federal, state and local officials, or the Players Association.

Fingers crossed!

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