A popular bakery in Lawrenceville has taken over a Princeton coffee shop.

The Gingered Peach in Lawrenceville now owns Rojo's Roastery in Princeton

The Gingered Peach announced on its social media that they've added Rojo's Roastery in Palmer Square, Princeton to its collection of shops.

This is great news.

Let me back up a little bit because although this news is new to us, it's old news to them.

The owner of Rojo's Roastery, David Waldman, has retired

The friendly takeover happened last year after David Waldman, the owner of Rojo's Roastery, visited The Gingered Peach.

Unbeknownst to Joanne Canady-Brown he was coming to tell her that he wanted to retire and have her and her team continue the legacy of Rojo's Roastery.

It wasn't a crazy idea. Waldman and Brown were very familiar with each other. The Gingered Peach has been baking for Rojo's Roastery for almost 10 years and has brewed Rojo's coffee at The Peach (what many locals, like me, call The Gingered Peach). The local businesses have a great relationship.

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The Gingered Peach also took over The Purple Cow in Lawrenceville

Around the same time, the same type of story was unfolding at popular Lawrenceville ice cream shop, The Purple Cow. The owners, Cindy and Tom Pearce, were ready to retire and were thrilled to pass the shop to Joanne and her team to continue what they started many years ago.

So, as you can see, Joanne had a lot on her plate but said, "The synergy was undeniable and it was a tremendous honor for us to even be considered. So, we said yes!"

That was a year ago.

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It's going well. The Gingered Peach team and the Rojo's Roastery team have blended perfectly.

Some surprises in the future are being teased. I can't wait. I love surprises.

Good luck and best wishes to all.

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