It is so frustrating seeing how this whole pandemic has ruined so many things. Families are struggling financially. Businesses have had to completely shut down, while other businesses continue to push back their reopening date.

It was recently reported by that the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia is one of the spots that has been trying to set a reopening date but it has had a tough time doing so. The Please Touch Museum had planned to reopen some time during the fall but now it has officially made the decision to remain closed for the rest of the year. According to the Inquirer, the museum is hoping to reopen January 1, 2021.

The very sad part of push off of the reopening for the Please Touch Museum is that even more staff members had to be laid off. The stated that the Please Touch Museum had to lay off a big chunk of staff members and has stayed with a small number of employees, only 18.

I am sure that staff members that were able to keep their jobs are extremely thankful but they took a hit also. We learned from the that those staff members took a hit of 20% salary cut. Ouch!

The CEO and resident of the Please Touch Museum told the Inquirer, “Even though we are ready, we’re not sure the public is ready.” Let's be real there are still a lot of people that feel very unsafe being around crowds and definitely would not want to be in a museum that has closed doors.

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